Security Consulting

ESI is best known for its Enterprise (corporate-wide) security consulting projects through designing integrated security solutions.

ESI with Protection Partners International (PPI) is unique among Enterprise Security design firms in that its security specialists include Electrical, Mechanical, Structural and Blast Effects Engineers, Architects, Traffic Management Engineers, Marine Port Management and Planning Personnel, Specialists in Anti-terrorism, Anti-organized Crime, Financial, Hospital, Airport, Judicial, Road, Rail and Marine Specialists, High-rise, Corporate and Information Management Technology and Proprietary Information Protection specialists. Together ESI and PPI have experience in securing all types of critical infra­ structures: Financial, Information Technology, Historic and Landmark Bridges, Rail and Marine Port Facilities, Judicial and Government Buildings, Land Transportation, Airports, Commercial Facilities, Museums, Military, Industrial, and Hospitai/Healthcare facilities.

ESI with PPI provides services in all four major disciplines of security consulting:

  • Security Organization, Policies and Programs
  • Physical Security Elements
  • Security Technology
  • Information Management Systems Security

It is integrated for different entities:

  • Financial
  • Ports and Airports
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • High Rise and Office Buildings
  • Museums and Art Galleries
  • Military and Aerospace
  • Industrial
  • Hospitals and Healthcare

Security consulting services include:

  • Security and Anti-Terrorism Consulting where we assess threat and Vulnerability, plan for security programs, prepare anti-terrorist programs, provide HAZMAT/Radiological Post-Event Mitigation Counter-Surveillance Training Programs
  • Integrated Security Systems Design through constructing Security System Drawings and Specifications, assist in Bidding and Negotiations,manage construction, install quality review, test acceptance and document as-built.
  • Security Architectural Planning Services with examples including Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED), Command, Control and Communication Centers (C3), Emergency Command Centers, Traffic Manage ment, and Access Controlled Gate Design.
  • Information Technology (IT) Security Programs that branches to include IT Security Baseline Audits, IT Security Policy and Procedures Development, Valid User Authentication Assurance Programs, Data Integrity Assurance Programs, System Confidentiality Assurance Programs, System Availability Assurance Programs ,Wireless Network Security Assurance Programs, Voice Video and Data Convergence Protection Programs, Mission Critical IT System Quality of Service Assurance Programs (e.g.: 911 systems), and IT Security Awareness Programs.

ESI provides security strategies and sets solution through four types of Security Counter-Measures:

  • Operational Security Solutions by identifying Policies and Procedures, Security Manpower,Security Management Programs, Employee Awareness Programs, Network Security Training and policies.
  • Physical Security Solutions through blast analysis, designing blast resistant structural design, hardening the structure, set Locks, Barriers, Fences,Gates,etc., and security lightning and landscaping.
  • Electronic Solutions through Convergent Voice/Data/Image Systems
  • Information Technology Solutions through Integrated Security System/Data System Designs and Quality of Assurance Programs that provides User Training and Awareness Solutions to help assure full compliance with IT Security Policies and Procedures and to protect your organization from "Social Engineering" by targeted hackers and configurating a unique system that supports the operational environment while disrupting the malevalent user environment.

Security also covers the personnel protection programs since Employees, visitors and contractors make the organization's mission possible and must be protected. These programs include:

  • Access control systems where guards make sure that only authorized people have access to your employees
  • Weapons Screening Programs through which Weapons should never be allowed into a workplace by other than highly trained and qualified law enforcement or security agents
  • Workplace Violence Protection Program Planning through workplace violence has become an all too familiar part of our culture. Certain signs can predict the employee who may place others at risk by his/her own or his/her domestic partner's actions. Every organization has a responsibility to prepare to deal with the possibility of workplace violence

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