Renovation is a discipline in the building industry that requires particularly high attention to detail. Designing a project within an existing facility imposes an additional layer of complexity over the traditional approach. Existing conditions may dictate materials or methods that would normally be avoided. This constraint, which is easy to overlook, requires the designer to spend more effort assessing the existing conditions than would normally be the case.

An additional challenge posed by renovation projects is the implementation phasing which is often necessitated by continued use of the premises by the client and occupants. This added dimension imposes constraints on the designer which have to be addressed in the design process at a time of maximum uncertainty.

To meet this issue, ESI balances the client's needs with the project's inherent challenges and limitations and recommends optimal solutions

ESI has undertaken renovation projects for public institutions and private individuals and continues to seek new opportunities to provide services in this demanding discipline.

Services provided with respect to renovation:

  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Strategic Planning I Master Planning
  • Space Programming
  • Preliminary Concept Design
  • Permitting Acquisition
  • Detailed Design
  • Specification
  • Inter-disciplinary Coordination
  • Client Representation
  • Bid Evaluation
  • Construction and Project Management
  • Implementation
  • Interior Design
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