Architectural Design & Building Construction

The right architecture can dramatically reduce long-term deployment and maintenance costs and improve solution flexibility.

ESI's design philosophy is built around a two-step process: first, identify and fully understand the client's needs and objectives; second, develop the optimal soutions to those needs through tailor-made designs taking into account the operational, physical, and financial constraints. The company follows a systematic approach for the design process.

Client's requirements are always the starting point. Our first objective is to understand and develop the client's needs. A preliminary design concept based on the guidelines provided is then presented. This elaborates on the strategic objectives and draws on the needs analysis developed earlier and also accounts for zoning conditions and code-compliance requirements. ESI may prepare documents required for the building permit application. Design development can then proceed and will conclude in a full set of construction documents.

ESI can undertake projects in a wide range of environments and can address the specific needs of its clients in any field:

  • Residential public and private buildings
  • Banking
  • Entertainment: malls, cinemas, restaurants, hotels
  • Showrooms
  • Healthcare
  • Renovations
  • Interior design

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